Recently I was interviewed by a local IT company and they asked me about my ideas and beliefs around good designs and web strategies. I thought you might be interested in my answers, so I've captured a few below.


What makes a good picture?

Imagination, to create an image that conjures a feeling, or emotion. To allow the viewer to immerse themselves and feel the way I feel when I am there taking the picture. To go beyond the visual and create a positive experience for the viewer.

Why is it important to incorporate a good design into a website?

A good web layout doesn't necessarily come naturally, applying good design principles allows a site to flow in a way that is easy for the user to experience. Applying creativity to that design adds to the experience to make it enjoyable, interesting and worth the visit.

Why should a company use a logo?

Sometimes Logos are important and sometimes they are not. With some companies their name is enough and a logo would seem unnecessary or over the top. Other companies however need to create a stronger brand identity and for them logos are part of establishing that identity.

What part can social media play in a companies' brand identity, or in its relationships with their customers?

Social media used to be considered a toy, but more and more companies are using it as a tool to connect with their customers. As TV and radio advertising has less of an effect and with other forms of advertising such as billboard campaigns being beyond the reach of most companies, companies need to become more inventive in their advertising approach. Social media offers an effective way for companies to reach new customers and support their existing customer base in a cost effective way. Coupled with a well designed website, social media can offer cost effective ways for companies to advertise, support their customers and manage their brand image.